Men are only good for one thing. 

Sydney Chase may have sworn of relationships--but she still has needs. So she heads to the Panther's Lair in search of sex: no strings, no emotions. The club owner, dark, mysterious Raimond Decoudreau, is exactly what she's looking for--his French accent alone makes her hot. Fortunately, his mouth has other sinful talents, as well...

After just one night with Sydney, Riamond knows she's his. And when the time is right, when she loves him in return, he'll reveal his deepest secret. For now, he'll enjoy pleasuring her in the most intimate of ways.
But when Sydney's life is threatened, Raimond's instincts take control, and she gets a glimpse at the beast within...


Gabby’s future is uncertain. Devlin’s is written in stone.
About to lose everything, Gabby Stone’s life is in shambles. Upon waking in a medieval castle owned by a sinfully sexy Scottish Laird, she believes she’s having an erotic dream and jumps right into the fantasy. But she quickly learns that this is no dream. Somehow she’s been transported into her favorite romance novel, Devlin’s Destiny, and is now starring as the heroine next to the scrumptious hero, Devlin McAlister, a character who puts all flesh-and-blood men to shame.

Deciding that living in this parallel universe is better than going back to her real life, Gabby plays it safe at first even though she hates the way the heroine in the book treats Devlin. As time passes, however, she finds herself wanting to become Devlin’s true heroine, to have him love her, not the woman he’s written to marry. 

But how bound to the book is Devlin? With each turn of the page, obstacles are thrown in her path as a war between love and written words ensue. Can Gabby overcome a predetermined future to claim Devlin for her very own Happily Ever After?

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Life is unfair. Not only has Luca Doyle been framed for murder, but he's living in his life mate's home as a blasted cat while hunting for the real killer. Of course, she has no idea she's his life mate, hell, she has no idea he's even human. She knows him only as Fluffy, her adored cat. Luca can do nothing but wait until the day he can reveal himself and take her in his arms. 

That day comes earlier than expected when a burglar breaks into Claudette Richards' home and her kitty turns into a man, saving her life. Feeling like she's entered the twilight zone, Claudette tries to absorb the truth about her cat and the danger she is suddenly in. As she helps Luca search for the murderer, she starts to fall in love. Can they lure out the villain before Luca ends up in jail, or heaven forbid, the pound?

The Feline Fugitive is full of humor, romance, action, and suspense--just what every good romance should have!"--4 Books from Vervian, The Long and Short of It Review

"Cat lovers, here's one for you. The Feline Fugitive is a quick and entertaining read about a woman and the cat who loves her."--Bobby, BookWenches

"For a short story, it packs a lot in just a few chapters. It was a pleasant and refreshing read."--Antonia, You Gotta Read


Tales of ancient evil surround Hermitage Castle. What happens when legend becomes reality?
Graham Parish and Kat Davis are about to find out.

What started as an attempt to save a relationship turns into a frantic fight to save their lives. Can love be rekindled when faced with certain death?

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